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When You See Your Agency Better, You Manage It Better

It's not that you don't work hard. Quite the opposite. You're scrambling to track everything happening in your agency, and you find yourself lacking answers to critical questions like these:

  • Are your nurses visiting their patients when they should?
  • Were all patient notes submitted on time today?
  • Which of your nurses performs best? Which is worst?
  • Are you making the profits you should - or has billing has fallen behind?
  • What's your staff turnover rate, and how much are you losing with every lost nurse?
  • How many of your patients are they taking with them when they leave?

Without effective tracking software, there's no way to get the answers-or figure out if your business is thriving or struggling.


Fortuna MAX

Management Analytics Express.
The Powerful, Affordable software designed to help you work smarter
Automation for every part of your Agency.

From scheduling to document management to billing to checking patient eligibility, we automate every part of your agency. Human error will become a thing of the past

Instant visuals on the big picture.

Fortuna MAX doesn’t just track for you – it analyzes the information so that you can see what’s slowing your business down and how to improve it quickly.

Retain experience on your own best practices.

When your agency runs beautifully and you can consistently reward your best performers, you keep your top staff members. No one wants to leave an ideal workplace, and we allow you to custom-create your own high standards.

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