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We Know How It’s Always Been

Which is why we’re really confident you deserve better.


We’ve seen firsthand how quickly a health agency can turn sour when business management isn’t what it needs to be.

Your best staff members start seeking other employment, since their hard work and efforts are neither noticed nor appreciated. Your claims, billing and insurance eligibility checks go haywire, ruining your revenue stream. And your productivity ebbs into struggles, even though you can’t figure out why. It’s not a fate we’d wish on any agency – especially when the work you do is so essential to the wellbeing of so many people.
We’ve created a platform to solve these intractable problems, making the process of running your home health agency simple, straightforward, and easy to manage.
When we were approached to create this platform, we were newcomers to the scene – which meant we were able to look at the challenges of running a home health agency with fresh eyes and no preconceptions. We quickly identified countless problems with current management systems that no one had noticed because “that’s just how it’s always been done.”

How it’s always been done

Ran a lot of home health agencies into the ground. The sheer amount of documentation an agency has to deal with is frankly staggering. No mere mortal could possibly handle all that paperwork without errors – and we decided they shouldn’t have to.  
We automated every task we could
Completely reinvented the calendar and scheduling system for health agencies, and we made it simple – and easy – to submit billing claims and check patient eligibility.  

Then we got really innovative

We let you track and analyze trends within your business, giving you the tools you need to help your agency thrive and expand.

Sounds a lot better than barely staying ahead of that never-ending pile of paperwork, doesn't it?