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Get ready to start outperforming your competition. And your own expectations


With Max.

  • Web Based. Anytime anywhere access
  • Software as a Service
  •  Custom Implementation option
  • Automatic Updates
  • Multiple Insurance Payers
  • Messaging and Notifications Service
  • Role based Access for comprehensive security
  • Implemented with latest enterprise level technology
  • Scales to unlimited users
  • State of the Art Document Management Service (DMS) to upload any electronic document
  • Customize the Software platform to fit how you work
  • Continuously improve your processes and your bottom line
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve operational performance
  • Gain insight into how your Agency truly operates in the field
  • Understand root causes of problems and measure effectiveness of solutions
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Provide Traceability of all actions
  • Replicate best practices across your Agency to ensure consistency of success
  • Improve workload balance
  • Improve Employee collaboration
  • Create workflows for every activity in your agency
  • Collect information on potential bottlenecks
  • Track Team and Individual productivity
  • Centralize information on how you work
  • Eliminate Repetitive creation of the same tasks
  • Update Calendar for every Activity performed for patient
  • Receive timely alerts and notifications
  • Provide insights on all activities in Agency over any period of time
  • Track trends
  • Provide insight on successes and issues
  • Track Patient treatment and history
  • Track Revenue history and trends
  • Understand Revenue trends for frequent diagnoses
  • Track Clinician effectiveness
  • Provide insights on daily activities
  • Track interactions with Physicians
  • Over 30 charts on every aspect of agency activities
  • Full Reporting
  • Customized Reports
  • Full Calendar
  • Patient history for all events
  • Schedule all visits
  • Integration with Workflow Engine to record all activities
  • View patient upcoming schedule for all events of interest
  • View any user’s upcoming schedule and activity history
  • View Schedule and History for all Users
  • Block time to prevent schedule conflicts
  • Provide warning on future schedule conflicts
  • Patient Admission
  • Point of Care Solution
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Comprehensive history of all patient & user interaction
  • 485 Generation from Oasis
  • Medicare Eligibility Verification
  • Integrated ICD Codes
  • Medication Lookup
  • Clinical notes for all Skill Types
  • Oasis Scrubber
  • Bill Multiple payers
  • Automate billing submission
  • Automate remittance advice
  • Track claim history
  • Track claim rejection trends
  • Receive frequent updates on claim submissions

Fortuna Max
You will wonder how you managed without it.

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